African communities developed through solar-powered water.

  • Solar powered WATER infrastructure

  • 510

    Women households food secure with income

  • 200

    Young people on Training & producing crops

  • 6000 & 2500

    people & Animals with cleaning drinking water respectively

  • US$150,000

    Annually communities’ income from produce

Established since 2019

AfAW affirms that water is at the centre of socio-economic development and advocates that water is a key resource for production, food security, and poverty eradication.

Our Vision

African communities developed through solar-powered water.

Our Mission

To equip rural communities in Zambia with solar-powered water infrastructure and systems for productive use, food security, and socio-economic development.

Our Objectives



Zambia’s rural population, are extremely poor.


75% of Zambia's population, mostly poor farmers reliant on rainfed agriculture, face climate threats, with only four months of viable agricultural productivity yearly


Solar-powered water increases rural productivity by over 70%.

How it Works

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Water Infrastructure Development in Rural Communities

Our primary activity is to promote, facilitate, and provide solar-powered water infrastructure to rural and impoverished communities. This infrastructure is for agricultural production, clean drinking water, and filling animal troughs. This is for communities to be productive throughout the year and grow crops for their food security, increased income and improved livelihood. 

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Promotion of Agricultural Productivity and Markets

Considering that our communities already practice farming for sustenance and income, we collaborate with partners that offer smart climate agriculture, improved farming techniques, and technology such as drip irrigation becomes critical in ensuring that the infrastructure is utilized efficiently, effectively and fulfills its intended purpose.

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Enhancing Better livelihoods for Women and Youths

We focus on the vulnerable such as the women and the youth to have access to solar powered water infrastructure for productive ensuring that socio-economic development is attained in the poor communities we work in.

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Research and Advocacy

We conduct research and advocacy as a way of learning and gathering of information in measuring impact, make better decisions and helps to sharp policies and implementation plans for different stakeholders including the government.

News and Articles

Always upto date with our latest News and Articles

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State of Israel through MashaV (Agency for International Development Cooperation). Support

Africa Access Water received support from the State of Israel through MashaV (Agency for International Development Cooperation). read more..

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Mphande Projects and Farmer Trainings in Climate Smart Agriculture

AfAW and Tevel in Collaboration with Kafue District Agriculture Office are conducting various training in Climate Smart Agriculture including nutrition and the link between irrigation using alternative energy and community development. read more..

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Participation at the Environmental Protection Dialogue. AfAW Advocacy and Communication Manager, Temwa Gondwe with H.E Nicholas Woolley, British High Commussioner to Zambia at the 3rd Environmental Protection Dialogue (EPD)

AfAW is a strong believer in collaboration and therefore supports efforts being done by Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) who are the pioneers and host of the EPD3. read more..

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THE BIG REASON WE DO OUR WORK Clara Mulilanduba is 32 years of age and has four children. At the start of the project she told Africa Access Water (AfAW) that she wanted to take her children to school read more..


Our Advisory Board


Our Management

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Rodney Katongo

Chief Executive Officer

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Isaiah Mwanza

Director of Projects

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Temwa Gondwe

Advocacy and Communication Officer

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Talent Madubeka

Sustainable Livelihoods Officer